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Do You Remember Junbao in Twin Warriors Movie? See How He Looks After 27 Years. (Photos)

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Li Lianjie, who is born on April 26, 1963, his agreeably known by his stage name Jet Li, he is a martial artist, film producer, Chinese film actor, and retired Beijing-born Wushu champion. Moreover, he is a full citizen of Singapore.

After three years of serious training that he did with the famous wushu teacher Wu Bin, Lee won his first-ever national championship for the so-called Beijing Wushu team. After he decides to retire from Wushu when he was 19 years of age, he gained a lot of recognition As an actor in China and he, therefore, made his movie debut with the movie titled Shaolin Temple in the year 1982.

In the year 1993, when he was at the age of 30, lee played Junbao in Tai Chi Master which is translated in Chinese as " ε€ͺζ₯΅εΌ΅δΈ‰θ±" This is also widely known as Tai-Chi Master and Twin Warriors, Yuen Woo-ping who is a martial arts film director who is based in Hong Kong was the one who directed the movie, and the movie was produced by Jet Li himself, who was also featured in the whole movie.

In the film, Junbao and his twin brother Tianbo both grow up together as monks at the Shaolin Temple, they both study martial arts, and also they both normally get into crisis. The two of them were evicted from the Shaolin Temple when Tienbo impulsively nearly killed a fellow student who had been cheating in every fight drawn against him. Their teacher helps them escape their punishment and give them their final teachings on the possible directions of their various characters, which leads to Tianbo been given a special series of warnings.


Miss Lee then shows the two vowing to eat at the inn. Inside the inn, they find a young woman who is named Siu-lin who is looking for her missing husband. Meanwhile, she makes a living by playing as a sanctioner which, according to her husband, was given as a wedding gift. She finds him in an inn as the new husband of the governor's sister, who argues with Siu-lin. Siu-lin actually won the contest, but the husband, wanting to please his new rich wife, hit and injured Siu-lin's head with a stool. Juno arrives to save Siu-lin by fighting the governor's sister's bodyguards before he escapes.

The next day, when Junbao and Tianbo were making money with their outstanding kung fu skills, the vice governor took notice of them and was impressed by Tienbo's abilities (and his desire to rise to power). He offered him a position in the army, which Tianbo accepted voluntarily. However, Juno was hesitant and refused to go with Timbo, which is why the two brothers separated.

Later, some soldiers arrived at the inn for tax collection which had increased due to the governor's greed, but Junbao and the rebels who had stolen almost all the valuables from the governor to return them to the poor people, they fought, killing one by one. All the soldiers. But only One soldier escaped alive and went to the army camp to notify them about the insurrection with Juno. Tianbo killed the soldier just outside the army camp to avoid giving notice to the rest of the army about the rebels and their direction. Tianbo warned Junbao to stay away from the rioter as doing so would get him into a problem. Timbo had already figure out where the rioter is lying low and takes this unusual chance to win n promotion from the army. He formulated Junbao and the rioters, notifying them that the soldiers were on patrol and the best time to attack them in now.Juno and Siu-lin immediately gathered all the rioters from the province and go to the army camp for the surprise attack, thus, receding into the laydown trap by Timbo. A big battle arises that leads to many rioters' death. Timbo captures Miss Li and Siu-lin. In the end, the only persons to survive the battle are Junbao and limited rioters. The trap leads to Tiembo's promotion to embroidered Uniform Guard lieutenant. He betrayed his twin brother.

While the governor travels to Beijing to see the empress, Junbao, and Xiu-lin intercept the convoy, beat her sister and bodyguards, and hold the government hostage before going to a military camp to confront Tianbo. Due to his arrogance, Tianbo refused and started fighting with Junbao, thinking that he was still an inferior fighter. To Tienbo's surprise, Junbao now fights in an unprecedented style that he calls tai chi and is able to easily fend off Tienbo's superior strength. Frustrated, Tienbo killed the governor to gain complete control of the troops around them. Xiu-lin intervened and convinced him not to listen to Tianbo because he had just betrayed his leader. When the troops saw this (as well as Tianbo's brutal way of using his troops as fodder), they withdrew and left Tienbo's fate to Juno. After Junbao's shocking barrage of money and punches, Tienbo is defeated and eventually killed when he falls over a bunch of spears.

After the battle, Junbao insulated from Siu-lin and yielded Tienbo's ashes to the Shaolin Temple before organizing his own martial art school on Mount Wudang.

After featuring in Twin Warriors, Jet Li featured in many other epic martial arts films, most notably as the host of the character Zhang Yimou (2002) Fist of Legend (1994).

His first role in a non-Chinese film was as a villain in Lethal Weapon 4 (1998), and his first leading role in a Hollywood film was as Han Sing in Romeo Must Die (2000). He has emerged in many international action films, including in French theaters with Luc Besson's Kiss of the Dragon (2001) and Unleashed (2005). He featured in "The Only One" (2001) and "War" (2007) with Jason Statham, "The Forbidden Kingdom" (2008) with Jackie Chan, the third "The Invincibles" with Sylvester Stallone, and as the main character villain in "The Mummy." : The Tomb ". "). of the Dragon Emperor (2008).

After a year-long absence from filming, Lee comes back to acting in 2010, playing a mercenary in The Expendables, along with action stars Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke, Eric Roberts, and Steve Steve. and Randy Couture. For the third time, he co-operated with Statham. In 2012 he briefly repeated his role in the sequel The Expendables 2 and returned in 2014 for the third film The Expendables 3. It was initially declared that Li would arise with Vin Diesel in XXX: The Return of Xander Cage, but Donnie Yen has replaced Li with Donnie Yen, according to a Facebook post by Vin Diesel.

He was chosen as Emperor of China for the 2020 live-action film Mulan.

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