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Divorce Affair

Don't marry her, it is a sin. - Prophet Kumchacha

Nicholas Osei is also known as Prophet Kumchacha of Heaven's Gate Ministry has made an intriguing and stunning disclosure about marriage and separations. 

While having a discussion with Avraham Ben Moesha on Peace FM observed by, he said anyone who has separated from his significant other or spouse shouldn't consider getting hitched to someone else in light of the fact that it is unsatisfactory. 

Citing the sacred texts to help his case, he said; 

"1 Corinthians 7:10 gave obvious signs from Paul that any divorced person has no privilege to wed once more. The good book said any divorced person who wishes to wed again should return to their previous accomplice. Allow me to say your maker (Obiyaa) is my better half and we are separated from which I plan to wed once more, the Bible powers me to return to my previous accomplice and not to wed some other individual – If I deny that order and adhere to another accomplice, I've submitted an exceptionally huge sin according to God. 

"At the point when you separate from your accomplice, you reserve no option to wed again till the apocalypse. The order was from God to Paul. Matthew 5: 31-32 gave further clarification on the issue of wedding a divorced person. The holy book was clear, we don't wed a woman who has separated from a man previously, let me say, a recycled woman – we don't wed such individuals once more. The solitary thing that supports separate is cheating – even with that, the man or lady has no position to wed once more. It's wrongdoing." 

In the meantime, he expressed that he doesn't advocate harmful marriage.

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