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Divorce Affair

"Let Me Rest In Peace" Lady Writes To Her Cheating Husband Before Hanging Herself

She allegedly poisoned herself before hanging herself, then blamed it on her husband.

In the letter she wrote to her husband before killing herself, she described how he was a serial womaniser. Because of his insatiable need to play her with various women, even after giving birth to a lovely daughter named Mbithe, he abandoned her and followed other women.

The wife admits, however, that the husband had pledged her his eternal love and that nothing would ever come between them, which was surprisingly to her why he's now cheating on her. After finding out he was a womaniser, he made a commitment to never cheat on her again. 

He didn't keep to his word he continues cheating neglecting her and her baby. She drank poison to end her life then left a note for her husband named those women she knew he was cheating with. As a woman/ man can you kill your self just because your partner is cheating on you.

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