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Meet the Pakistan actor who is now popular in Ghana.

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Tufel is an actor who has featured in many movies in Pakistan and in other countries like India Korea.

He is now putting more confident and great feeling to revive his acting career in Ghana,so he made up his mind to come and further on.

Tufel which popularly known as Akapopo in his acting field has acted a movie entitled as Dirty Game,419,Dark Shadow and his one and only the most greatest movie,Akapopo.

Akapopo is now into Dak Eye multimedia projecting on four educative movies coming up very soon on all the great TV stations in Ghana.

Tofel is self employed and businessman in Ghana who has his own work and employing many workers.

He is now in the suburbs of Accra,an area called Abeka Junction.

Drop your digit if you wanted to work with Akapopo or to be featured in many movies for them to have you.

Follow the page and drop your comments by asking us a question if you want to meet Tofel and his crews in Ghana here.

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