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How to stop watching porn

1. Plan ahead

Failing to plan is planning to fail when it comes to quitting porn . Study yourself and identify your tiggers . Just because you decided to quit porn does not mean that triggers won't come up . This is exactly why it is necessary to have a backup plan .

2. Try meditation

Meditation teaches you how to disengage from your thoughts and emotions . It is a tool that is accessible to everyone and can be very beneficial during the early stage of quitting porn when emotions tend to fluctuate the most .

3. Engage in physical activity

Engaging in physical activity has been shown to positively impact the brain which promotes well-being . Exercise improves the physical and mental health of human beings .

4. Join counseling group

Since addiction to pornography comes with judgment from other people , counseling group can provide a safe discussion to individuals . Online counseling group can also work .

5. Change your surroundings

Do not underestimate the role one's environment plays in being triggered . Any act done for a long period of time becomes a habit . The same would hold true for pornography .

6. Install a porn blocker

Install a porn blocker on your device to block porn ads and websites from getting to your device .

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