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The Ghost of my Mother's house

Fear is the words of the coward people. These were the words of my father anything we get scared and call him to fixed something beyond our control. He will start explaining things we even do not know about. My father does not fear anything except his maker(God). He wakes up anytime to travel without checking the time or what will happen to on the way.

I copied this attitude from my father because I stayed with him for a time. I leaved a similar life. Fearing nothing in life. Waking up at off hours to do anything. Boosting to friends that there no ghost, monsters and other stuffs like that. Sometimes I will wake up at 1:00am in the morning and visit some of my friends in the house and they would be surprised to see me when I call them I am in their house.

One faithful evening while I was returning from a business trip in our nation's capital, I met something or someone in the middle of the road and that has changed my life and thought about ghost and monsters. What I saw in the middle of the road that night tells me that we are not alone in the world.

On my way to the house, I saw a human like figure in the middle of the road. It was like two times my height (6.1inc), three times bigger than me and three times faster than me. I started running but within a matter of 30 second I was caught up and here I was face to face with whatever, ghost, monsters or what. I stood motionless without speech and movement

That thing started talking; where are you going at this time of night. I could answer. As if it was about to attack me that I saw a flash light of a moving vehicle. It disappeared instantly. I took opportunity to run without looking at where I was going, I finally got to my house. Safe at last. But I opened my door entered the room, locked behind me, I look back and that thing was sitting on my sofa chair. I started pleading with it not hurt me but it was laughing at me. I quickly open the door again and run to a friend's house, narrated my story and let me in. Fortunately for me there was a man of God there, we prayed together and I spent the night with them.

Two months later, I was returning from my office after a hard days work. I opened my door and there it was that ghost again. It tormented my life for a year until I left that town for another place.

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