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A Presenter is not a Journalist

Journalism is defined as the activity or profession of writing for newspapers, magazines, news websites or preparing news to be broadcast.

A proper journalist must have some basic skills and attributes that project their creativity in all walks of life. Even though there are journalists who specialize in particular faculties of life including but not limited to Health, Agriculture, Engineering, Lifestyle inter alia, some also ‘all-rounders’.

Most people including some employees of certain media houses see every presenter as a journalist. This misconception has greatly affected the discipline and quality of work output by most media houses and institutions.

This can be attributed to the numerous ‘media schools’ as many will call them, that have seen an increase in patronage in recent years. These schools usually offer single subject unaccredited certificates to their students after a short course of study and apparently calling them graduate journalists.

But when you sample a hundred (100) ‘journalists’, only about thirty (30) of them can Write, Edit, Present and Produce programs and write ups respectively at the same time.

There are about five main basic courses that make one fit to call themselves journalists. These are Newspaper Reporting, Sub-Editing, Media Law and Ethics, Freelance and Feature writing and Broadcast Journalism with other fundamental courses according to the Institute of Commercial Management (ICM), UK.

In recent times, one will agree that journalism is changing as new media takes over the waves, expanding the scope of the noble discipline.

A presenter is any person who goes on air (both TV and Radio) to educate, inform and or entertain viewers and listeners.

Before this will happen, there should be producers (Sometimes includes the presenter) who will go through a thorough process to design the particular show or program.

The producer usually should be someone who does research, identifies related resource persons and designs a program script according to time.

The presenter will then engage the producer on the material (information) the show is going to put out for listeners and viewers to enjoy and be part of.

Many are born with talents that enhance their communication and presentation skills. But most people also get into media jobs because of the fame and hype they get thus not really taking into account, the content they put out.

Most presenters only enjoy the fame; forgetting credibility, uniqueness and the authenticity of their work in conformance with the ethics and rules governing the profession.

A good presenter must at all times have this checklist:

- Grammar

- Legality

- Language and

- Content

 In short, a Journalist can be a presenter but not all Presenters are journalist as many purports them to be.

Content created and supplied by: AnthonyAyertey (via Opera News )


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