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Kevin Taylor Does Something 'Bizarre' :Fix Dollar Notes To His Microphone;Is This Superstition?

For some days now, the indefatigable Kevin Taylor, a US-based top-notch journalist has presented his political show with proficiency. However, observant viewers can notice the gentleman has done something bizarre to the microphone he speaks through. Dollar notes are fixed around the mic and it looks strange for a media man to be doing this on live tv.

Africans mostly believe in superstition and have strong convictions that attaching some kind of amulet or string to an object they work with would bring them some kind of luck due to the divine powers vested in it. It is this notion that has compelled most people to practice idol worship.

Mostly referred to as 'juju,' workers recite some words or chant incantations in all hope to invoke a river a deity, or a lesser god to intercede and aid them especially when they're looking for new opportunities.

Kevin Taylor's bringing dollar notes to his program isn't news but fixing it to his microphone, creates a different impression. Does it bring some kind of luck to the gentleman or does he do so to indicate he spends dollars?Does this show the current depreciation of the cedi against the dollar.? The dollar is rising which has caused the cedi to fall and the masses are suffering due to the high inflation. Does this act appear to remind the citizenry of the current exchange rate?

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