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Check out these Cartoons and the Famous Hollywood Actors behind it

The love for cartoon movies was really on the rise from the late 90’s through to 200’s till date. Sometimes we watch a lot Cartoon animated movies without knowing the voices being these characters. Studies has showed that some cartoon movies cost more the expensive Live action Hollywood movie. Almost all the top celebrities in Hollywood have been casted for a cartoon character.

What makes it shocking is that, we have most cartoon movies we are aware about the actors behind those characters. But in this article we are going take a look at some of the actors who have been featured in a cartoon movie . Let’s check out the pictures below.

Its really interesting to know some of our best actors, have once a played a role in an animated movie. These actors are paid like they have been casted to play that same role in a movie. Chakie Chan also has has a cartoon movie which was developed purposely for him.

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