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Husband and wife relationship

Men If You Continue Doing These 5 Things You Wife Might Dump You

Cash, looks, or bedroom performance do not cause women to abandon their marriages. The wives are pushed into the hands of another man by the bad characters that husbands show, whether deliberately or accidentally.

The following are some of the bad habits that husbands can avoid. If you do all of these things, your wife might be on the verge of leaving you.

1. Stop Using Your Wife As A Punching Bag.

Men who beat their wives irritate me. Come on, if you think you're a force to be reckoned with, the WWE and UFC are on the lookout for warriors. Join the UFC and fight alongside your mates. You should leave your wife alone. Don't take out your anger or resentment on her. Only while you're giving her a massage are you allowed to put your hands on her. Treat your wives with love and you will be rewarded by Heaven.

2. Stop criticizing your wife in front of your children or public.

Avoid humiliating your wives in front of your children or in public, husbands. Instead of calling her names that are abusive, call her sweet names. A true gentleman would never, except jokingly, disrespect a lady. Stop referring to people as "fools," "idiots," "useless," and "good for nothing." Don't react immediately when your wife annoys you. Count to ten instead, and note that she is a God-given gift. 

3. Stop perceiving your wife as a cheater..

When a woman realizes you don't trust her, her feelings for you deteriorate. If your wife receives a call from an unknown number, it does not mean she is seeing anyone else. It may be a misdialed number or a customer. Learn to put your faith in your partner. Don't look at her call records, texts, or Whatsapp messages.

4. Stop trying to control your wife by acting like God.

A controlling husband loses confidence and hurts his marriage's intimacy. Some men attempt to dominate their wives in order to prove that they are the head of the household, but this is incorrect. Isolating your wife from friends and family is not a smart idea. Don't keep an eye on her. If she's trying to explain something to you, don't tell her to keep silent. Don't tell her she has to stay off social media. She understands what is good and what is bad. She's not a 5-year-old child; she's your wife.

5. Stop Cheating On Your Wife

I understand why you don't want me to say it, however I feel compelled to. Adultery is not a good thing. Adultery is a sin that often happens to be the quickest way to contract an STD. When a woman notices signs of infidelity, she becomes worried about infection. Some people also park on the street in front of their homes. Many men have lovely wives at home, but they prefer to sleep with scumbags on the street. What a disgrace. Always keep in mind that HIV and other STDs do not manifest themselves in the face. Learn to trust your wife, spoil her, be loyal to her, love her, and support her. She is not a slave; she is your wife.

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