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The world is changing; See what a lady did that's making her trend.

Hello fam,please welcome and follow for more.One thing a lot of people fear the most is death.Though no one alive have tasted it yet but the thought of leaving everything you hold valuable behind just to go to a place you've never been has always been a nightmare for a lot of people.There are things people dont take light even as a joke .And some of those things are death.The mere thought of ot makes people shed tears.The thought about loosing people you love dearly will make your mood down the whole day.

A lot of things are beginning to change but no one ever thought that a time will come when people will fancy death.Recently,a lot of people take photoshoot on everything including pre wedding,pre birthday,pre graduation ,pre birth but a lady took the trend a bit further to do pre burial photoshoot.

The courage of this lady has made her gone so viral.since this is the first time we are seeing something like this,a lot of people are In shock.people have started wondering if she is in her right senses or she has been diagnosed of some deadly diseases.check her out.

What do you have to say about this? When are you taking your pre burial photo shoot?.

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