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Celebrity Madman 'Mona Mo Bl3' Transformation;Does Weed Cause Madness, Why Are Rastafarians Not Mad?

As published, that one popular guy believed to be mentally deranged and affectionately called the 'celebrity madman' or 'Mona Mo Bl3' had been taken to a rehabilitation centre to be treated by Kofi Adoma Nwanwani of Kofi Tv, and also a renowned journalist with Angel TV and Radio.

This kind gesture has received much commendation from the general public for transforming the life of this man.

Earlier the parents of the guy have indicated that it might be to his habit of smoking marijuana that caused his madness. And many are are attributing madness to the usage of marijuana or weed claiming we all are witnesses to the mental toll marijuana has had on youth in Ghana, especially those from ghettos, shanty towns and other deprived communities.

We don’t have a well-equipped mental and psychiatric health system to address the crisis if many more youth go mad as a result of taking marijuana.

But a poor country like ours should learn better practices from the West rather than open the floodgates for the production and consumption of this intoxicant that could render our youth insane, increase violence and crime in our communities and destroy the future of our youth.

Rastafarianism have different sects. It is an undeniable fact that not all Rastafarians smoke weed but well known Rastafarians who were musicians like Bob Marley, and others smoked marijuana.

Why didn't they go mad.? These were renowned celebrities who imparted positively with their music.

Can we then conclude that it's not weed that cause madness but some underlying health conditions may be the cause?

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