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Meet the Female Pastor who left church to become a stripper

After amassing thousands of fans who pay to see her x-rated images and videos, a minister who left her job in the church to become a stripper has finally revealed what life is like outside the church.

Nikole Mitchell, the woman, is the mother of three children. She mentioned that she had always wanted to be an exotic dancer, but that her aspirations were stifled by her upbringing in a strict Christian family.

Nikole posts semi-naked photos to her 42,000 Instagram followers on a regular basis, and she also runs a popular OnlyFans account where people pay to see explicit photos and videos of her.

“I started out very timidly, only taking topless photos,” she said, “but now I take personal requests and make videos that are really personalized to people's individual desires.”

She always wanted to be a stripper, but she grew up in a conservative Baptist family and was "indoctrinated to believe her desires and body were innately immoral and evil," according to the 36-year-old.

Nikole married and went on to become a minister, which she described as a "rebellion" in her family's eyes because a "woman's position was in the kitchen and caring for her children."

Nikole had an epiphany when she and her now-ex-husband went to an evangelist megachurch in St. Paul, Minnesota, and made her life-changing decision.

The possibility of gender equality within the faith was discussed by the church.

After attending an LGBT-themed theatre show in 2016, Nikole started to doubt her identity and learned she was bisexual and pansexual.

She explained, "I knew if I exposed my queerness, I'd lose everything because the church isn't open to queer people."


Nikole left the church for good, refusing to live a double life, and ‘came out' in a confessional YouTube video shared on her social media accounts.

Nikole says she is "happier than ever" now that she has moved to Los Angeles and divorced her husband.

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