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I have my own apartment, show me that you are good in bed before I will accept your proposal.

My name is Mike Ndeke, a university graduate from Nigeria and I live here as well. I am a guy of age 27 years old.

I saw a lady last Friday, who said her name was Beatrice. This lady is so beautiful to the extent that, you can't look at her twice at first glance.

I approach this lady, and I started asking her some questions, I saw that she has a kind heart towards everyone. I took that opportunity to propose to her.

I started proposing to her, and what she told me was that, since she grew up, she has not accepted anyone in her life because, her friends always say that, to take a guy, you have to get one with a big penis so that, she will feel the beauty of love.

When she said this, I was like wow, then that's good. She gave me her number hand said that I have said a lot to her, that's good, but for her to accept my proposal, unless I 'chop' her, then after that, she will access the experience she had, and see if I qualify to be her man or man.

I see this to be a great opportunity, but I'm thinking the other way too, should I go and chop her, or she may be a spirit because she's so beautiful.

Please I need help. I loved her the very first time that I saw her. Should I go for the sex or not. Please comment. Thanks.

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Beatrice Mike Ndeke Nigeria


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