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Hot Video: Funny Face Needs Professional Help.

Somewhere in August, Funny Face encountered some unfortunate accident on his way to Kumasi. The children’s papa aka Kasoa Vandamme was on his way to visit his baby mama and twins. He hit his car tire to the pavement on the Lindor Dor stretch that leads to Koforidua on the right and Kumasi straight ahead north.

According to Funny Face, he told Fadda Dickson, the manager of Despite Media and Fadda didn’t send him money. He didn’t even call again to find out if he got his head or legs amputated. In a video attached to this article, Funny Face insulted Fadda Dickson and extended it to his mother. Indeed, the words that came out of his mouth is tasteless and unprintable. I can’t even utter them here.

This made social media react to the matter. If you will recall, Funny Face has developed some mental challenges after his baby mama took his children away from him. Although he went to a mental facility for help, it appears the crisis is back again for obvious reasons- nobody is taking care of him. He is properly not taking the drugs. In his previous video, he talked about a lot of unnecessary kinds of stuff and added that- “his actions are consequences of not taking his drug in the morning.”

Fadda Dickson has contributed a lot to Funny Face’s life, career and family. This is not the best way to pay him back. I know Funny Face is not in his right frame of mind that is why he is probably doing all these. However, it shouldn’t persist. Immediate action should be taken to circumvent further disrespect and disgrace.

 watch the full video here:


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