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Never trust a close friend in this world

Kwabena Agyei popularly known as kwabeee is a young boy of eighteen years old.

Kwabena Agyei is living in a village with both his parents at the village called aworowa in the northern part of Ghana.

One day one of kwabeee friends come back from the city and introduce Kwabeee to some illuminate group in the city.

And Kwabeee was convince by his friends that if Kwabeee join the group he will easily get money fast and move his family from that poverty they were living.

Later on Kwabeee was convince and join the group

Kwabena Agyei become the most richest man in his village. Kwabena was enjoying the money for his first appearance to the group and he started building House buying cars, whiles he don't know that there is a secret message his friends has never told him before. One day it was a meeting time they told Kwabeee to bring mirror and knife and said to him that before he will get more money he has to use the knife and hit the mirror while he don't know that it was his mother that they have turn to mirror so she did and her mother died.

At a point that Kwabeee want to stop the group and it was late

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Kwabeee Kwabena Kwabena Agyei


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