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“I Went to a Man’s House But Discovered That He Was Using Student Bed so I Lied to him and Left”

There are stories that you read online and you will wonder what some people actually look like.

This woman's story is truly shocking, but as humans we have different things that we cannot tolerate.

Her name is Morenkeji Adekunle Praiseberry and she shares her story on a Facebook group called "Rant Hq Extension".

She recounted how she went to the man's house for the first time after three days of meeting, but when she got there she found that the man was using the college bed.

According to her, this was just a blackout and because of that, she faked the call and left.

Not only did she leave the man behind, but she blocked his number so she could never call him again.

Read their story below.

Most importantly, I remember going to the man's house once. This is the first time after three days of meeting and I've called my grandmother to help me, thank God I've found a husband.

I got to his house and found that guy was using a college bed, he couldn't even hold us both like ... He could afford a 2 bedroom apartment but he couldn't afford a decent bed. Oloun maje! Well, she faked the call and lied to him that something had happened and then blocked the number. How about you

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