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Stop Doing Crass, Poverty and Reckless Journalism- Paul Adom Otchere Blast Manasseh Azure.

Apparently, Manasseh Azure is now working at the “Fourth Estate.” He works there as the new publisher after staying 8 months at home unemployed according to Paul Adom Otchere.

Immediately Manasseh Azure commenced his duty as a writer for the “Fourth Estate,” his first story to write was about Dag Haward Mills and his disgruntled pastors who have risen against him and ended the matter up in court.

“Darkness in the Lighthouse: Pastors recounts Abuse at the Church” -Manasseh Azure’s headline for his story.

This matter ignited the attention and concern of Paul Adom Otchere for such crass, poverty and reckless editorial. On his show “Good Evening Ghana,” Paul Adom quizzed if indeed Manasseh Azure had evidence of the abuse that he indicated in his editorial? Besides, the matter is in court, so how do you approach it this reckless way?

You don’t do journalism like that. This is poverty journalism and unprofessional. This is crass, poverty and reckless journalism.

You see, you plant cameras on your body during interviews and now you’re exposed, so when you enter any office, they sack you. So, sit down and assess yourself again.

This could land Manasseh and the entire “Fourth Estate” into defamation writ which could collapse their entity- Paul Adom Otchere spoke.

He, however, advised Manasseh Azure and the manager of the “Fourth Estate” to visit and apologize to either E. A. T. Sackey of Lighthouse, Kakra Baiden or another Bishop Kwesi Dei.


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