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Meet Lupita And Carmen, The Conjoined Twins Who Doctors Said They Only Had 3 Days to Live (Photos)

No matter our physical appearance, nobody has a perfect life. God created all humans in different ways, some are black while some are white, and no matter the way he has created us we must still give thanks to God because there are many people out there who also wants to be like us.

The fact of never giving up and believing to the end is one of the best and wonderful things of human existence. It can reserve us a miracle or allows us to transform the impossible in possible. This is the case of Lupita and Carmen, the two conjoined girls.

If each of them has two arms, their own lungs as well as their own hearts and stomachs, they share certain ribs, a liver, the circulatory system and the digestive system and also reproductive system.

However, they each have their spinal columns that meet at the level of the pelvic region. It is a miracle the life of these two young girls who have decided to cling to existence and not give up anything.

Carmen and Lupita are Siamese sisters who braved the obstacles to get where they are today. As their parent expected to have binoculars, life offered two Siamese, Lupita and Carmen. But at birth, doctors had very little hope for them and predicted that the two little girls will not have more than 3 days to live.

However, if the parents of the two girls have not abandoned anything, they also made sacrifices to succeed whatever impossible, that of vive as it should.

God is truly wonderful....if you believe God can do anything in your life, don't hesitate to praise his name

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Carmen Lupita


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