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Kwame A-Plus is too Known and Arrogant; Why Does he Always Want to Control United Showbiz?

Yesterday, October 16, 2021, was Saturday and UTV’s United Showbiz was airing again. The show is well accepted by Ghanaians and has a lot of viewers. I watch most of my TV programs on Facebook live and UTV’s United Showbiz is the only show one can always be guaranteed 2k views even at 10-11GMT.

Kwame A-Plus, Arnold Asamoah and Bulldog, now BullGad are serial quests on the show. But there is something that is turning to become a habit on the show. Kwame A Plus always want to appear to be the King and the wisest man in the room. When he speaks, he doesn’t want anybody to speak much and that includes the host of the show. He has been doing that to Nana Ama McBrown and he is getting used to that habit. He has an incessant desire to make his case abundantly and interrupt others by heart.

Yesterday, Abieku Santana was the host and he was asking a Joyce, guest on the show questions about her ring. Joyce was wearing two rings on her marriage finger. And according to our customs, people wear two rings on that finger to indicate they have had a traditional and White wedding. Abeiku only wanted to find out as a journalist and host of the show if that is the case for Joyce. However, Joyce refused to give further details on the rings. In the spirit of the host, Abieku trying to probe more, he was interrupted by Kwame A Plus to stop harassing the lady.

I mean if the lady didn’t want the world to see and talk about it, why was she wearing the rings in the first place? Why did she bring it on the show? But A Plus made it a huge matter and dragged the issue for long. Defending the lady and not allowing anyone to even make a point. I think that attitude of A Plus should be discouraged. He can make a point and add an opinion too, but he cannot take the spot and talk for a long time whiles there are other guests who are there for a purpose.

If he continues like this, people will start to show less interest in the show. The show is not about him. Because a cursory gaze will show that, anytime he is not on the show, there is decorum and order. Everyone talks as and when the host permits. We can only cite an exceptional case where Lil Win and Funny had a fight on the show. Kwame shouldn’t be allowed to control the show. 

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