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My Guy Was 22 years At Age 12, My Mom Has No Control Over Me — Shameless Slay Queen Says (Video)

Greetings from the camp of your favorite author, Mdk Banahene to my dear viewers. You are once again, highly welcome to the fastest growing platform where you are served with feeds from all angles being it entertainment, gossips, trends, interesting articles that will make your day and many more. In case you are not yet part of this growing family, please do so by tapping on the follow button in order not to miss out much from Mdk Banahene.

It is very unfortunate that, day in day out we uncounter several trending indecent or insubordinate acts performed mostly by the youths on the various social media platforms. Some of these youths especially the girls who called themselves slay queens have proven themselves and hailed the world "uncultured" through their numerous deviant and indecent behaviors regardless of their status and the saddest part of it is that, they feel no shame at all about lifestyle as they feel proud whenever speaking about it to the general public.A beautiful young girl believe to be in her early 20s called Daniella but preferred to be called Danny Babe in an interview hosted by Mavis Fofie also known as Confidence on a program called 'Odo Mu Ahintasem', has made some shocking revelations about the kind of life she is living and it's so sad how she feels proud of the immoral life she is living.According to Danny Babe, she smoke and take inn some sort of hard drugs you will never think of and she really love taking those drugs to have a "good time" with her boyfriend. The host asked her if she still stays with her mom with the kind of life she is living, she said she now lives alone and her mom is in Nigeria but even if her mom were to be around, she can't control me.

She said she used to stay with her dad but due to her stubbornness, her dad thrown her out of his house. This girl continued by saying that she was even happy when her dad thrown her out because there was no freedom for her the time she was staying with him but for now, she is free.

The most shocking part of it is that, according to her at the later of the interview, she started dating at the age of 12 and that time, the guy she was dating was 22 years of age. According to her, she started living her own life between the ages of 14 and 15. She said so many indecent things that can not be explain in worlds over here.

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