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Top 5 most famous Kumawood actors who are in their 50's

Kumawood industry is one of the most popular movie power houses in Ghana. Because of the use of local language (Twi) in most of their movies, Many Ghanaians used to watch their movies. The industry has helped many actors to become great actors and actresses in the country. It has made most actors famous and popular in this country. Via the industry, many actors and actresses famous in the country at the moment. Their names are now household name in the country.

In today's article, we are going to look at five kumawood stars who are in their fifties. It is indeed true that, a mere look at the face of someone can deceive you of his or her age. Most of the below listed kumawood stars look Younger their real ages and vice versa. Check below five kumawood stars who are in their fifties

1. Akwasi Boadi - 59 years

The award winning and veteran actor is one of the most well-known Ghanaian comic actors in the country. His style of acting is second to none. He has been able to attract many fandom across the country by virtue of his acting prowess. He has gotten the opportunity to appear of featured in over two hundred Kumawood movies. Akrobeto Age surprises many Ghanaians because he look younger than his real age. Next year Akrobeto will attain 60 years of age. He is currently 59 years of age. He was born on November 18, 1962.

2. Kofi Adu - 52 years

Kofi Adu who is polynomusly known in the showbusiness as Agya Koo is one of the greatest ever actors kumawood movie industry has ever had. His absent from Shooting kumawood movies off late probably might be the reason why kumawood movie industry is collapsing.

The veteran actor won many accolades in his peak. He has appeared in over three hundred Kumawood movies. However Agya Age is quite shocking, because he looks quite older than his real age. He was born on May 25, 1969. Which means he is currently 52 years of age. We are hoping Kofi Adu will return to acting kumawood movies to rekindle the movie industry.

3. Mercy Asiedu - 50 years

When it comes to mentioning of big stars and great kumawood stars you can not overlook Mercy Asiedu. Asabea is the name many people use to know her well in the country. Mercy Asiedu not long ago celebrated her 50th anniversary or birthday. She was born on

9 May 1971. The award winning actress age is quite surprising, because it seems she looks quite older than her real age.

4. Big Akwes - 51 years

Akwasi Asamoah who is famously known as big Akwes is another talented kumawood actor who rose to stardom via kumawood movies. He is currently 51 years of age. He is known for playing local Fetish priest in most of his movies. The veteran actor was born on November 10th, 1970.

5. Bill Asamoah - ?

Every Ghanaians will testify to the fact that, when it comes to acting, Bill Asamoah is incomparable. He began acting long ago. He is very handsome at the age of 50 years. The 1970 born has appeared in over two hundred Kumawood movies. He is currently the president of the kumawood movies industry in Ghana.

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