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No V8 No Dollars Don't Call Us Ladies Vow

Wonders shall never end. The world seems to surprise us everyday. When are we going to have a day without any surprise. Sometimes you wonder if human beings were just created like that. when God took the the rib of Adam to create Eve ,did he add money to it. It seems women and money can never be separated. They have eyes for money and even if they have to choose money over the husband or boyfriend the will gladly do that. If you are dating them and they realize you don't have money or you are broke my brother you are in trouble. They will shun you like you are something useless.

In the olden days women were not like that. Even the time of our mothers and grandmothers women were not like that. In this our generation what most women care is money. Even if you are married to them they can still divorce you for other person. Three ladies whose name are unknown claim that without V8 and dollars don't call them. What they actually means that they are expensive and for you to handle them you have to he rich before you can handle them. Looking at the footages you could see they are heavy girls. They have the beauty and everything. Both back and front are correct. Maybe that might be the reason behind their vow or claims. So if the world had no one having the dollars or V8 wouldn't they have married. We pray for them we hope they get what they look for.

Content created and supplied by: Abrante3gyimah (via Opera News )

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