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BROKEN SHADES (the story of young lady and the pain she went through in life)


_Written BY_ *NAAQY BLUZ*




1.Mrs. Adora, before I pass my judgement, would you like to share with the Court house? District Attorney General Lukeman said as he gazed into the eyes of pretty early 20s face who's eyes were filled with tears and threaten to spill out its sadness on the soft fair face. 

2. Adora's Pov

My name is Adora Nyamekye, from Kadjebi in the Oti region of Ghana. What am about to tell you all present is true life sad story filled with grief, betrayal broken soul and murder😔😔

Flash 🔙 back

26 years ago, my mother, a 16 year old teenager, started dating my father , they were much in love and enjoyed each others company *at least* that's what everyone thought 👩‍❤‍👨, they were seen on several occasions by the stream side, most of the time my grandpa chased them with stick and it very funny and hilarious ,my mom will tell me 🏃🏾‍♂🏃🏾‍♀😄😄

On numerous occasions my father tried to copulate with my mom,and numerous occasions all his attempts to get her into his bed. She tried all her might always to prevent my dad from copulating with her, she would explain to him that _its a sin to have sex with a woman you haven't married yet .. Anytime they talk about this , my mom always ends up having a red cheek and a purple eye and sometimes a bleeding lips(now everyone in the court house were silent and listing to Adora who is crying her heart out and trying to tell her story ) 

3.My grandparents got irritated one day when my mom got beaten almost to death by my dad😔, just because she refused to have sex with him , my grandparents reported the issue to our family friend who is a police CID Agent Brinix 👮🏼‍♂️ he arrested my dad and for 3 weeks my mom shut her self behind closed doors without food , this situation got my grandparents scared by the thought they might loss their only daughter 🥺 on several occasions they tried their best to talk her out of the self quarantine but it all fell on rocky ears 😔 My grandfather reported the issue to their pastor and he came to the house to talk to my mom , it was a bit difficult because my mom was then only a 16 years teenager who has not even completed JHS and had falling deeply in love with a 23years local guy who has just completed SHS so she thinks about only being with my dad , my grandfather was totally against the relationship and my grandma ! 😔😭Hmm she only sits down and cry anytime there is an issue concerning my mom and dad she will only be like "I just want my daughter to be safe" ...

4.after much interference by family members, my mom agreed to come out only if they are willing to release my dad from prison 😳

_Question to you reading will you do what Adora's mother is doing and why ? kindly let as know your opinion by commenting after reading_ 

My grandfather protested against the decision at first but later on changed his mind ... After much discussion with Agent Brinix, my dad was released and brought to my grandfather's house , grandma managed to bring mother outside and she was all pale 😨 that made grandparents to be scared at what might happen to mom , as soon as mom saw dad ,she forgot about the pain she went through, when you look at my mom's eyes you could imagine how happy and in love she was 🥰, she run with the little strength in her to hugged dad , she nearly fell down but Dad caught her in mid air , so they both ended up sitting on the ground and hugging each other , when you don't know their problem you would think you have found Romeo and Juliet😘😍😍 grandma started crying which was obviously upsetting grandfather so he left.

_how can a lady be brutalized to the extent of she losing her life, all because of love, God bless any lady who tries to keep a relationship going_

5.few weeks later , my dad invited my mom to his house for an important discussion , my mom told him it was late so if its possible they should meet the next morning but my dad insisted that she came that same night 😔she had no option than to go ,she checked the big wall clock in her room and it said 1:55am ,she sighed and dressed herself ,she slid down the window and broke her heel 😨but she went anyway , when she reached his apartment, instead of my dad checking her wound , my dad slapped her and scolded her for coming late , he gave her food and forced her to eat,she refused to eat because she was full and that resulted in a heavy punch on her face ,she bled from the nose and felt dizzy she could have gone back home ba she feared that dad would break up with her so she started apologizing again,😢 she was like "baby please I am really really sorry 😿its just that I am not hungry but you don't worry I am eating now see, she started eating the food with fear she was shaking so bad that my dad thought she would die , she chocked and requested to be given water to drink* he was gone for almost 15mns , he returned with Fruit Juice and met my mom battling with death on the carpeted floor, he sat behind her and gave her the fruit juice himself, she gulped all in a split second 😟poor mom she nearly lost her life 😔she started feeling dizzy, my dad stood up and watched her struggle to stand up, she couldn't so she tried crawling her way out, half way the room! she passed out , my dad carried her majestically unto the bed and striped her naked and had sex with her....




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Content created and supplied by: NAAQY_BLUZ (via Opera News )

Adora Nyamekye Ghana. Kadjebi Lukeman Oti


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