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Was Ebony Reigns Referring To The Illuminati in this Picture? Check Out Suspicious Photos

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On our discussion turntables or discussion forefront of this page today, is mainly centered On a rather alarming post I came by about the late songstress and very illustrious Dancehall and Afrobeats Queen, Ebony.

In a couple of posts I read on a facebook account states or alleges with pictures that ebony was an alleged member of the rather famous Iluuminati, and that is the main reason why Ebony had the alleged Illuminati or 666 tattoo on her arm.

Here Is the picture of the alleged Illuminati tattoo on her arm,

In Inclusion, it has been alleged that young and upcoming music stars who sold their soul or joins the Illuminati cult,actually do not make it pass the age twenty-one(21).Over the years there have been some musicians who died at such young Age and was suspected to be of such Course.

What do you think about the tattoo, leave your suggestions in the comments section

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