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LGBTQ: I Realized I Like Men At Age 24 and I Have Slept With About 100 of them - Gay Man Reveals

I Realized I Like Men At 24 and I’ve Slept With About 100 of them - Gay Man Reveals

In an interview granted by SVTV Africa, the host came in contact with a man who said his name is “Obieli Julie” but his school name is Lawrence Doku.

The street name I like is “Obieli” and the female name I like best is Juliet so I made it “Obieli Julie”. It is different how God created everybody. I am from Bukom and my siblings are 4 on my mother’s side and 13 on my father’s side.

I didn’t get any help with my schooling and in 2007 and 2008, I didn’t really get any work and my father’s energy had already been depleted. I have always seen myself as a girl and anything a girl can do, I can also do it.

Roughly at age 12 or 13 going, I saw myself as a girl. I am 32 years and around 23 or 24 years was when I became “spoilt”. They used to call me “Obitey Kojo Basia” so I saw myself too as that though it is not my reason for being this way.

A lot of individuals approached me that they are into me. At a point I saw that we are all human beings so if someone likes me, I should also like them back. Around 24 or 25 years going was the first time I slept with someone.

I met one man in town who had already spotted my whereabouts including my coming and going and where I stayed. He approached and in the process offered to buy me a phone since I didn’t have one. He did everything for me. His name was Tony.

I had plans to setup a small shop and he helped throughout including having my first bank account at Commercial Bank. He was at home one time and I wanted to thank him for everything he has done so I told him I’ll be visiting and I’ll spend the night there.

I was already aware of all this processes but I just wanted to give him tough time a little. He was the man and I was the woman. I see myself as a woman who can get a husband.

I went to Lagos with my aunt sometime after for about three years, upon returning, i never heard from him again though he left his number. In Nigeria, I didn’t do any of such acts. After returning to Ghana, I would go to night clubs and I will get someone to go home with.

This is how I make my deals, if you are the one coming for me then, you’ll cater for me and my needs but if not, you’ll be down and I’ll be on top and cater for you. I have had intercourse with about 3 ladies and it all the same, same feelings.

I don’t go in for ladies because they disturb a lot. If anyone in this modern Ghana in 2021 tells you a “gay” wears pampers, it is a lie, nothing has happened to me.

I have slept with about 100 men. Some are passer-bys and others I dated. There are many gays in Ghana. I have impregnated a lady before but she had a miscarriage. If I give birth to a child and he wants to be “gay”, why not.

Talking about trending issues of LGBTQ, yes I need my right but I’ll beg my fellow “gays” not to misuse this right. One of the things I dislike is when it is discovered that one is a gay and he’s being beaten, I don’t like this at all. I can’t say legalization of LGBTQ is good or not but one thing that pushes me for this is the mistreat of “gays” when they are found.

Even with animals, I have seen 'goats' that are “lesbians”. I have earrings and even put on make-up.

This is the story, experience and moments of Lawrence Doku as he narrates his adventure and his opinion on LGBTQ.

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