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Throwback Tuesday!!The Untold Lessons Of The Hawk And Hen

Don't you just love those times where we were asked to read some stories in our primary stages aloud, paragraph by paragraph in class?

In as much as it was fun to read out loud,it got boring at a point. Everyone reading the same thing over and over and over again makes everyone sleepy at a point .Some of us used to raise the storybook's and pretend to be reading but since it has covered our faces we slept behind it.

One of the mind blowing story was The Hawk and Hen. To me ,though it is a folktale, but it is a good lesson in our lives.

Now the folktale:

Once upon a time , both Hen and Hawk were vere good friends. And they all live together in a cottage. They all loved playing drum to entertain themselves. One day , Hawk told hen, let's go to the forest and cut material to calve a drum , Since hen was lazy, She said I am sicks so I can't go. The Hawk therefore requested the tools from the Hen, but Hen denied the Hawk and said ; my tools are sick. The Hawk was angry and went to borrow the tools from someone else , she went and cut material and carved a nice talking drum.

Because Hen refuses to go, Hawk too warned her never to beat her drum. But ,hen love playing drum. What could hen do?.One day Hawk placed the drum in the sun to dry. He went out and hid and saw the hen come out playing the drums singing, Kreketesoya, Kreketesoya. My Friend's little drum, because I am not well ,I can't play and play and play, Kreketesoya".

The Hawk got angry with her and almost killed her and so to save her own life hen promises to give one chicks to the Hawk every time she hatches a new set of baby hens. This is why Hawk has been taking hen's chicks ever since.

It is just a folktale but we can learn a lot of lessons from it. Let's consider these;

1. Because of Laziness, the hen put herself into trouble; the price that she can't pay. Sacrificing ones child is not easy . As in the biblical context, God tested the faith of Abraham but later redrew.

2.Promise is a great treasure and bond in mankind life , and even God warned us never to disobey our promise that have committed to offer. If you breach , even if you have not said with your mouth is OK!!

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