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7 Ghanaian Celebrities Who Are Famous for No Reason

On the off chance that we are to pass by a sensible definition, a celebrity ought to be that individual who has had a decent effect or accomplished a ton in a picked field, deserving of being commended and has restored popularity on the of the achievement. 

In any case, from one side of the planet to the other, a great deal of those we know as superstars are simply renowned and for the most part don't fit the above depiction. 

For example, Kim Kardashian turned into a big name for reasons unknown and we trust you don't consider a s*x tape a commendable explanation that ought to give on her a particularly advantageous status. 

Essentially, we have a few group who have made constrained section into the room of superstars in Ghana, when they truly don't have the right to be there and today we are getting them out with this post. 

These are the superstars who didn't buckle down for their cash or acclaim it was given to them with a royal flair. 


1. Moesha Boduong 

In all actuality; in the event that you are approached to state something of significance that Moesha has done to merit the smallest of popularity she appreciates today, you wouldn't have the option to name any, regardless of whether given a century to consider everything. 

She's only well known for having a major ass, hips and posting shocking photographs on Instagram. You can say, she is well known for being moronic. 

2. Mona Aka Hajia4Real 

To consider it, the greater part of us became more acquainted with of Mona Aka Hajia4Real when she was fiercely dissed by Amanda Acquah in a sound shipped off Ghanaian mogul Kenpong. So in a real sense, she is acclaimed for being dissed and for dating a rich man. 

From that point, the Instagram supporters began pouring in and she shot to the roof on the acclaim radar. Today, she is an Instagram big name… 

3. Amanda Acquah 

Amanda's associations with Kenpong and Ghanaian footballer-Afriyie Acquah are not the genuine reasons why a many individuals know her name. 

She is known for embarrassments upon outrages, with her offending sound to Kenpong standing out. 

She has additionally had a few shameful improper materials spilling which made her the discussion of Ghana. 

4. Menaye Donkor 

For what reason do we observe Menaye Donkor? Nothing? 

Try not to say since she is hitched to a Ghanaian footballer–in light of the fact that few others are hitched to footballers and we don't see them anyplace in the news. 

Menaye Donkor has made it to the room of Ghanaian Celebrities by riding on the rear of her better half and furthermore by relationship with different superstars. 

So she resembles a superstar by affiliation, a socialite. 

5. Princess Shyngle 

Princess Shyngle has made it to the extent being covered by the world's most perused online news site DailyMail. 

Also, it's not for anything worth festival but rather her absurd hips got her there. 

The Mail Online called her "an entertainer, an essayist and maker" and in all honesty, we can't name any of her works. 

Deborah Vanessa


6. Deborah Vanessa 

Deborah Vanessa professes to be everything; a model, entertainer, performer, essayist, TV moderator and a maker when indeed, she isn't actually any of these things. Regardless of whether she has had stretches with any of the fields over, her prosperity doesn't justify such a superstar swathe she wears on her arms. She is riding on a free rush of notoriety, upheld by nothing. 

Nana Akua Addo 

7. Nana Akua Addo 

Nana Akua Addo has given her hands a shot a couple of acting and creating gigs yet she has not scored any achievement and along these lines has not had the option to produce consideration from that area. However, she wears the big name chain around her neck–for the most part, by showing up at occasions, all expense paid without anyone else. 

So in a real sense, she is acclaimed for being at each occasion and not for what she says she is really engaged with. 

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Ghanaian Kim Kardashian Moesha Boduong


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