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Meet The 22-Year Old Boy Who Bought 17 Million Naira Car

The rate at which kids spend money on cars is getting too fast. The 22-year-old Igbo Boy shocked many after spending N17 million on a new car.

According to a recent Instagram post from Rumor Naija, they shared photos of Nairs on their Instagram page with 17 million cars bought by Blord, a 22 year old Igbo boy. Before we go any further, let us know some facts about this 22 year old Igbo boy.

Linus Williams is a 22 year old Igbo boy from Ebenebe Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria. He is the president of the Blord Company. In this article, I will share photos of a car with 17 million nairs that a 22-year-old Igbo bought. In Money is really good.

The fact that this guy buys a car worth 17 million naira at the age of 22 shows that he is already a billionaire. Don't forget to share this article for your reference.

Content created and supplied by: Donphoenix (via Opera News )

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