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Joyce Blessing’s marriage broke down after she cheated with her gym instructor- Jullie Jay

Joyce Gift's marriage penniless down after she cheated with her rec center educator Jullie Jay 

Gospel artist Joyce Gift and spouse's marriage breakdown turned into the topic of conversation a few months prior. 

News came out that their marriage separated because of treachery on the two sides. 

It went overflowing that Joyce Gift undermined her better half with her rec center teacher whose name we just know as Sovereign. 

Dave Euphoria, the ex of Joyce Gift was likewise supposed to taking part in an extramarital entanglements with his better half's marketing specialist, who's recognized as Julie Jay-Kanz. It was asserted she nailed Joyce and grabbed her significant other, Dave Satisfaction. 

In the midst of their conjugal fracas, Joyce Gift had gone ahead to reveal to her significant other who likewise serves as her chief that she needs to leave their marriage. 

Joyce who has three youngsters with her significant other was reputed to have revealed to him that she has no affection for him again and it would be to their greatest advantage in the event that they could simply head out in a different direction. 

Joyce, following her conjugal issues with now offended spouse and previous administrator, asserts her ex and previous marketing specialist in the individual of Julie Jay-Kanz are subverting her. 

As indicated by her, they have collaborated to destroy her profession. She said them two have taken full responsibility for her web-based media accounts which she utilized and has gigantic supporters. 

To exacerbate the situation, in Joyce's attests, Dave Delight and Julie Jay requested that her compensation an enormous measure of cash (GHC 30,000) preceding her web-based media records will be given over to her. 

Amidst this happenings, Dave Euphoria came out to once to talk on the issue. He made bunches of disclosures about how the entire issue began and where it has gotten to. 

The most recent improvement of the story is here. Joyce Gift's marketing specialist Julie Jay-Kanz has ended the quietness through a press proclamation. 

Julie Jay-Kanz has at long last come out to talk, clarifying her side of the story and has exposed claims that were leveled against her by Joyce Gift in the midst of her conjugal issues with now alienated spouse. 

Coming in extremely hard, Julie Jay-Kanz affirmed Joyce Gift's undertaking with her exercise center teacher, Sovereign. 

As indicated by her, the 'I Turn' hit-producer was in a mystery sexual relationship with Sovereign. 

This, she affirmed to be the reason for their separation. Julie Jay firmly destroyed out cases that she took part in an extramarital entanglements with Joyce Gift's previous Chief, Dave Happiness. 

In the long press proclamation in a location to the current issue, Julie Jay noticed that she has not at all taken full charge of Joyce Gift via web-based media pages as she guarantees. 

She uncovered that she has no hand in her online media handles issues as she has given over the logins of every one of her pages to her. 

An aspect of her public statement peruses; "I presently don't approach any of her online media pages as she has affirmed. I would importune her to settle issues with her better half to recover her pages and keep me separate from their difficulties". 

Peruse Beneath the full articulation; 

"September 03 2020 

To The responsible party in question: 

My consideration has been attracted to a video of Akosua Twene prevalently known as Joyce Gift flowing via online media crediting me (Jullie Jay-Kanz) of having her YouTube, Facebook and Instagram pages. She has recently related my name and brand to her wrecked conjugal home, created counterfeit accounts of me attempting to extort her and others. 

Concerning the above topic, I would need to make explanations by expressing the accompanying: 

Akosua Twene (Joyce Gift) and her better half/chief David Adu-Gyamfi (Dave Euphoria) drew in my administrations as a web-based media administrator on Walk 2017. We concurred on an add up to be paid to me month to month for the administrations. She didn't have online media pages as around then thus I needed to make new pages and work continued. 

after 1 year, we went to another arrangement that I will be given 10% of any income got from Joyce Gift's image. This was on the grounds that I was asked by Joyce Gift and Her better half/chief Dave Delight to take up different undertakings (marketing specialist, brand director, (Secretary for their privately owned businesses), Street Administrator and Individual right hand) to help advance her image and service, and to help them with their private organizations. 

I considered the adoration I have for Joyce and her family and consented to help her image and service in view of the understanding we recently had. I worked more than hard to help a sister's image and service and with amazing pace. The outcomes have been obvious inside these couple of years. During these occasions I was never paid any pay for all the demanding undertakings since Joyce Gift and her significant other caused me to comprehend that they are monetarily Temperamental and would satisfy their guarantees when things improve. 

We Had the option to assemble some cash and notwithstanding what we earned from a record bargain, we again concurred we would utilize that to buy a house so they could move from their living arrangement which they had leased. I didn't take any rate from that cash since Joyce was pregnant at that period and required a sound psyche. They at that point requested that I move from where I remained to live with them in their new house for the explanation that hypothetically, my cash was included. 

Early a year ago, Joyce began talking about separation in the vast majority of her discussions so I prompted her as a younger sibling to have a qualm about her choice to separate from her significant other thinking about how it was going to antagonistically influence her image as a gospel performer. As per Joyce, she said she was tired of marriage and didn't cherish her significant other any longer. I have had a few false impressions with her concerning her choice since I was terrified it would have a scratch on her image however she wouldn't tune in. On the off chance that she would talk reality, she would affirm the occasions I have cried tears due to her separation plans. November a year ago, she at long last separated from her better half and instructed us to fill in as a group so nobody would see it. We were as yet the best of companions. 

Quick forward, in Walk 2020, she went to my room one night to blame me for taking care of our house keeper with her mysteries around one rec center coach fellow she was dating. Interestingly, she didn't realize that this while everybody in the house knew about her relationship with the person. The servant is a companion to the rec center mentor's sweetheart so she was accepting grievances from her. Out of disgrace, she needed to pour her outrage on me and her better half that we deceived her. The house keeper continued manufacturing tales about me to convolute issues I knew nothing about. I recollect how Joyce eliminated her washroom shoes and tossed it at me when I had a go at protecting myself in one of the cases. 

Joyce requested that I go out and consented to repay me with a measure of cash for the conciliatory work I accomplished for her, including monies she had acquired from me after separation, yet later called me when I had left that she was not going to pay anything. 

She requested that vloggers come and manufacture anecdotes about me that I grabbed her significant other from her to discolor my picture knowing very well that she was really the person who separated from him. She approached me for her online media handles on seventeenth May 2020 and disclosed to me she had headed out in different directions with me. I considered the adoration I have for her and given over the logins to her and her better half and even called her to meet me so I assist her with signing in. She would not appear. Shockingly, she made new pages and made a feeling that I have collaborated with her significant other to hold onto her old accounta from her. 

She had held onto my effects and kept me from picking them from her home since Walk 2020. She just permitted me to pick them simply last Wednesday,26th August. The dreadful scene that happened when I went to get my things from her home is another section I would not have any desire to discuss. 

I presently don't approach any of her web-based media pages as she has affirmed. I would importune her to settle issues with her significant other to recover her pages and keep me separate from their difficulties. 

I would need to likewise express that there's no fact in a story that circled that I needed to coerce her with a measure of GHC 30,000. I didn't likewise release any recordings of Joyce Gift in a battle with her sister in law. I wasn't even at the scene when she visited the house to battle them. 

Joyce Gift has consistently been a sister and thinking about this, I exhorted myself not to express a lot to confuse issues however it looks as though she's exploiting my quiet manner and its terrible things are occurring thusly. I am consistently accessible and she can rely on me for help concerning her music and service. I want her to enjoy all that life has to offer in her melodic excursion. 


Jullie Jay-Kanz 

[email protected]

Again Julie Jay-Kanz revealed that Joyce Gift owe her some gigantic measures of cash however Joyce has wouldn't discuss it nor pay a penny out of it to her.

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