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Date Rush: Ghana Meets 'Naija' As Ines Chooses Fareed To Be Her Date For The Night

Date Rush: Ghana Meets 'Naija' As Ines Chooses Fareed To Be Her Date For The Night

It was yet another exciting episode of the date rush program.

Today marked the second episode of the newly introduced season 5 phase of the famous television show.

The second female contestant for the night was one beautiful Nigerian lady named Ines.

Ines was one lady whose contest was quite interesting.

At the end of the third and final round, she had only one guy standing tall amongst all other contestants.

The guy who had the courage to stay till the end was called Fareed.

One very interesting personality aside Ines, was her sister. Her sister was part of her profile video, and also considered as her 'hype woman' during the show.

She kept spicing up Ines's profile with some lovely words about her sister.

The wonderful advertisement her sister did get so many people attracted to her on the show.

From the accent of Ines and the list of foods she mentioned during the program, she has her roots from the Nigerian land.

After all was said and done, she decided to ask the final two guys who were Fareed and Sebastian, a very simple question.

After answering the final question, Fareed told Giovanni the attraction between the lady (Ines) and him was very strong, so he believes he will leave the show with her, at the end of everything. It seems his wish was a perfect one.

Based on the answers she got from the two guys, she decided to select Fareed as her date for the night.

The selection got fans appeased because it was obvious she was going to choose Fareed, after the brilliant answer he gave for the final question.

It was all excitement when fans saw a couple made of one Nigerian lady and a Ghanaian man.

The chemistry between them was just amazing, and it is our prayer they take their relationship to the next level.

They brought back the Ghana 'Naija' vibe to the show, and I am sure they will make a great couple.

We will keep you updated on the rundown of the couple who have not only found love on a television show, but also made a record out of their union.

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