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Don't Let Twene Jonas Deceive You; Even Dubai People Push Trucks- Ama Manson

Twene Jonas has been challenged on his claims about developed countries and how life is made easier for the people. His argument had largely been premised on New York City, America as being 'Heaven on Earth'.

But another Ghanaian, a life coach and academician, Ama Manson had set out to disprove Twene Jonas' assertion. She had taken a tour to the world's tourist and business destination, Dubai to prove that not allt hat is being told about these cities tend to be true.

According to her there are two sides to every city or country; the beautiful and the filthy settlement. In her Dubai tour, Ama Manson highlighted via a live video broadcast the city of Diera, Dubai to tell of its likeness to certain parts of Accra, Ghana.

She disclosed that there is practically no difference in terms of lifestyle, infrastructure and what not, about the place to what Ghanaians have in the central business district of Accra. She showed that people in Dubai push trucks just as there is kayaye in Ghana.

She disclosed that the streets and apartments are as busy and covered with refuse as it is in some parts of Ghana. Ama Manson indicated that only a few places in the city are decorated and "those are where you get to see on your search about Dubai."

"So this is Dubai, a place portrayed as beautiful than any other place but the reality in these areas never get out there. There are two sides to everything. Don't think is glass nkoaa everywhere as he [Twene Jonas] want you to beleive. Don't be deceived at all," she added.

Ama Manson took the opportunity to clarify that the luxuries enjoyed in these cities showcased on internet and social media are limited for holidays and a few rich people. For her, life is just as challenging everywhere and that only those that are determined could make a living.

She thus entreated Ghanaians to be contempt with what they have, yet work hard and bit depend on anyone to develop their communities for them.

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