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A Plus Sends Strong Warning To Gabby Asare Otchere. Kelvin Taylor And Others React

A feud between political activist, Kwame A Plus and one of the leading transactional lawyers in the country, Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko, after A Plus recently sent a strong warning message to Gabby Otchere.

The message was short and simple: STOP SPREADING FALSEHOOD. Why this message, some may wonder.

A Plus sent this message after Gabby posted a message on his Facebook page trying to explain the allegedly missing GHC 12.8 billion as per the Attorney General.

In the post, he claimed that the NDC have gone 'overdrive' and busily spreading the propaganda that GHC12.8 billion has gone missing according to the Attorney General's report and that this was a deliberate lie.

In his message, he discussed the facts and explained where the GHC 12.8 billion went.

According to him, the first line item which constitutes over GHC10 billion of the 12.8 billion is outstanding debtors and loan recoverable. A whole 10 billion of 12.856 billion is about credit and debit or cash and materials public institutions granted each other. He explained to public institutions taking money from each other is not corruption.

The report also stated that a big chunk of the rest is also SSNIT contributions of public sector workers that the controller owes SSNIT. He cited that controller owing SSNIT is not embezzlement of money, but it was because the date the controller was supposed to pay the money had expired.

He also stated that ECG used GHC60 million to buy defective meters and conductors whiles GHC23.9 million was lost as a result of expired chemicals and fertilizers which accounts for GHC83.9 million the Auditor General claimed was lost.

These facts may be true, however, there is a reason why A Plus sent such a message to Gabby Otchere.

Some ghanaians have reacted to this post by A Plus, including the leader and founder of The Loud Silence Media and ghanaian US-based journalist, Kelvin Taylor. Check out the reactions below.

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