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I turn to fish at night to visit my family in the sea.

A Ghanaian lady has portrayed her association with the profound hidden world and her endeavors there around evening time. 

Addressing Arnold Elavanyo on his Vibes in 5 show, the woman who distinguished herself as Nyevile otherwise known as Born Star, a growing artist said her association with the profound domains began even before her mom considered her. 

She uncovered that her mom experienced difficulty considering however a prophetess assisted her with taking a seed, yet with a proviso, that the child when conceived, should be devoted to the ocean or she will pass on. 

She asserts as an infant, her folks noticed to the expressions of the prophetess and sent her to the ocean, devoted her and left the newborn child Nyevile in the ocean for 4 days. 

During those days, she proceeded, she was taken to the otherworldly hidden world to meet her other family and familiarize herself with the exercises of the new world. 

She says after the 4 days, the prophetess and her mum got back to the ocean to ask and she was gotten back to them. 

Since the time at that point, she uncovered, she has been speaking with and visiting the ocean world. 

She guarantees she can transform into fish around evening time in this way one of her most rigid principles is that nobody turns on the light when she's dozing or danger seeing something otherworldly or getting hurt.

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