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Who Remembers Teacher Chanakya In The Movie Chandra Nandini? See how he looks recently.

India is really blessed with great actors and actresses who are endowed with great acting skills.Indian movies are also one of the best movies in the whole world.A lot people love to watch their movie series because of how they express their love and joy during the movie and other reasons as well.

Chandra Nandini is also one of the best indian action movies which was relaeased in 2016 which is 5 years ago.Chandra Nandini talks about how two great haters became lovers at the end.

A lot of people might have forgotten the actors and actresses who starred in the movie.Some of the actors and actresses include, Chandra, Nandini, Teacher Chanakya, Helena, Bindusara and the others.

In today's article we will be talking about how Teacher Chanakya looks in his new recent charming photos.

Manoj Khalatkar popularly known as Teacher Chanakya is one of the best indian actors who has starred in most of the indian movies.He started his acting career in 1990 which means he has acted for over 3 decades.He was born on the 30th of January 1960 so he is currently 61 years old.He is happily married with four kids.

Below are some of his throwback photos.Below are some of his recent photos.djd

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