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By The Fireside: Do You Remember This Show By Mame Dokono On Tv And How Kids Bathed Before Allowed To Watch?

Gone are good old days where we had to wake up very early Saturday morning to finish washing clothes and make sure we are done with house responsibilities before it's time for this program dubbed " By the fire side" hosted by maame Dokunu.

It was educative, fun, traditional and lesson packed display of our African heritage. Kweku Ananse the main character was mischievous and cunning. Ntekuma and Orkonori were his wife and daughter respectively. Ananse thought of himself a wise person. Devised many schemes to outwit people. But in the end, he was rather exposed and disgraced.

The moral story of these drama that we learnt on our "black and white" TV taught us to be Goldy people at all times. They use to sack us from their houses and rooms. They prevented us from watching “Journey to the west” (Hong Kong), “By the fire side” (Maame Dokono), Cantana, Akan Drama and Sports Highlight. Their claim was that we weren’t bathing.

The generous among them were those who will allow us in their compound and give us knives to peel their cassava, or de-husk their corn whilst watching the programme. The narration has changed. Let’s all learn from the narration today and know that time will certainly change. 

Let’s put smile on each other face and let love lead. I really really missed those days, wish time could take us back. Take me back to the days when we sat under the moonlight night and told tales of old. The nights when we laughed at each others' jokes till our ribs hurt and our tears were of joy. Take me back to the days when we ran and bathed under Odomankoma's showers of rain with care free excitement.

Take me back. Take me back to the beautiful days when we combed the length and breadth of our small community bushes in search for snails, grasshoppers and butterflies. When the sight of the rainbow's colours brought butterflies into our stomachs. Take me back. Take me back to the days when Aunty Adjeley's kenkey water made our breakfast treat a fulfilling one. Take me back to the days when the nim tree cured our fever and whitened our teeth.

Oh! The days when Salamatu and Fuseina wowed us with their evening hausa koko and koose. The days when Kwaku played paapa and Esi played maame and we were served with supposed food prepared in empty milk and Milo tins. Could you please take me back to the days when Maame Dokono's 'By the Fire Side' and Uncle George's 'Fun World' edutained us. Kwasasa made our arithmetic easy and oware taught us strategy. I can go on and on, but please. Take me back!

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