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Our Job Is Not To Be Government PROs - Johnnie Hughes Tells Critics

A fearless, bold, and out-spoken TV3/3FM journalist, Johnnie Hughes, has indicated that the job of the journalist is not to be government PROs.

Johnnie Hughes made this statement this morning on the 'New Day' program on TV3 when he said that the job of the Journalist is not to praise the government.

According to Johnnie Hughes, the people they sit down and talk for are the same people who turn their guns on them and create the impression that they are on one side of the political divide. That is a disincentive to them.

He stated that they have their jobs already, so if they are selfish, they will come to work and trumpet whatever is on the front pages of the Newspapers. They will just trumpet it and go home at least at the end of the month they will get their salaries. 

"We are speaking for you and sometimes taking the threats on the sides and all that because we are concerned about you, so if you who we are concerned about now turns the guns and wants us to praise-sing your political party, then it's problematic."

He revealed that Journalism is not about praise-singing. The jobs of journalists come in three folds;

1. Where there is no public opinion, the Journalists come to shape public opinion.

2. Where there is public opinion, and it is scattered, the Journalist helps to shape it and bring it to the middle.

3. Where there is public opinion, and it's straight to the point, the Journalist publishes it.

"So, our job is not to be government PROs. That is not our job. If the government does something right, we say it. And if the government does something bad, we talk about it. We are talking about it because of you, the ordinary citizen."

He added that he doesn't want mothers to hide bread from their children because they are home and jobless. Bread is supposed to be on the dining table. When you pass by, you break some and eat.

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