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Nobody could control me in school, said AY Poyoo on JoyPrime.

Today, the Joy Prime tv show "what don't you know" hosted three popular artists, who are known for their comic attitude on social media. They were AY Poyoo, Ablekumah Nanalace, and Professor Borge ( Mr. Eventuary). The host of the show is Nana Owusu Gyasi( N.G.O).

The program is a quiz competition between the three contestants. The first question went to Ablekumah Nanalace. The question was, " Who is the most powerful person in a school".

He answered," headmaster, school perfect, Principal". Quizmaster said he was wrong. It was now a bonus question for AY Poyoo. AY gave out infectious laughter, and answered, "Me", referring to himself. The host asked why and he retorted, " nobody could control me in school, I did whatever I wanted. I didn't obey any rules and was always late."

The host laughed and replied, "wrong". None of the contestants was able to answer. The correct answer according to the host was a bell boy.

What animal is part of an electronic device, asked the host. AY Poyoo answered Mouse, which was the correct answer.

What is a mouse in a computer the host asked Professor Borge? He answered, " driver of the computer, used to search things". They all laughed and the host gave him the correct for 3points.

The show was so much fun.

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