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RIP: The Nollywood Industry Has Lost 10 Stars In The Space Of 4 Months In 2021(photos)

RIP: The Nollywood Industry Has Lost 20 Stars In The Space Of 4 Months In 2021(photos)

 It is so sad to wake up on a very faithful morning and the very first thing you see on your newsfeed is about the death of a Nollywood star who has just died for one reason or the other. 

For dedicated fans of a television show, it is difficult to not become attached to your favorite characters. 

Everyone deals with the end of someone’s life differently, and everyone’s own reaction will be different when their time comes. But for almost all it’s an intensely emotional experience.

They only died in 2021 in the fourth month, and in the Nollywood industry some 8 stars were dead.

It is just the natural human phase through which we all have to go. It's likely that death will be. You are far away from the country of the dead when it's over. You would not save you from dying in this lifetime. How lousy, prosperous, or gained. Be prepared for that, therefore!

There are 12 Nollywood stars below who died sadly since January.

1. Mrs. Folake Aremu.

A veteran and dynamistic actress named Orisabunmi, sadly killed by the Princess in the series tv in 1987 in Ibadan on 5 January 2021.

In Kwara state, she's 61 years old. Unfortunately, it was so tragic to hear of her loss that we would miss her.

2. The Maduike Lawson Jim Lawson.

When we had the story of the death of the old star from Nollywood, it was a heartbreaking time that he died for days after crying about body pain. He died on 8 January 2021.

The often played role of a king in his films will be particularly missed by Jim Lawson. ENOUNCE.

3. David Mela.

This lovely man died of an unknown disease on 11 January 2021. ENOUNCE.

4. Sotonye Green.

It was sad to hear the news of that lovely upcoming actress who died of Complications of Covid-19 after the Yaba Isolation Centre, Lagos, refused to recognize them. She died on 15 January 2021.

5. Edyth Obianuju.

On 22 June 2021, she died from online financial support for her diseases. It died. She died.

6. Dan Nkoloagu.

On 22 February 2020, an elderly actor from Nollywood known as a herbalist or chairman of the royal cabinet for his role in movies. ENOUNCE.

7. The Saint See

Ernest. Ernest. Asusuzi had been in hard times before he died. Unfortunately, on the 27th he died and never woke up.

8. Bruno Ivuoha

The highest figure in the Nollywood industry died Three weeks after the coma. He plays the role of father and herbalist in Nollywood movies. Unfortunately, he'll be missing on our TV screen.

9. Rachel of Bakam.

After a short illness she is said to have died in a private hospital on 13 April 2021. She was also a TV host, a reporter, a star, and an ambassador for smugglers.

10) Veteran Ghanaian actor Emmanuel Kojo Dadson has died. He was 68.

According to reports by Graphic Showbiz, the veteran actor died at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital on Tuesday, February 9, while undergoing dialysis for kidney issues.

Kojo Dadson, who gained fame for his role in productions such as Home Sweet Home had been recovering from a stroke he suffered in 2012 and which kept him wheelchair-bound for eight years.

Nollywood RIP Lagends.

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