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Checkout These Movie Stars Who Are Carving Smiles On The Faces Of Ghanaians Through YouTube

At a point in time, the core of Kumawood had to tremble. The foundations shook and got everything tearing down to pieces. This situation is very unfortunate but I know they will be back on their feet in no time. It is just a matter of a few touches which needs to be made by those in authority.

Right after the activity in the production of Kumawood movies faced a drastic decline, the actors and actresses had to carve new paths. They had to find other means to survive. Some ventured into entrepreneurship, some decided to be linguists for traditional priests, some ventured into preaching and for others, YouTube was their way out.

This article is going to talk about those who decided to make YouTube their next source of income. They had in mind that there is nothing which is ever going to separate them from acting and for that matter, they are still holding on to it very tightly. Without wasting much time, let us go through them below

1. Ghana Jesus

Actor Mmebusem decided to play a very distinct character as Ghana Jesus. Nobody had ever taken up that role and for that matter, it made him very special. The way he talked and behaved would leave you in laughter. Unfortunately, some people raised objections about the character he played. They claimed it was total blasphemy.

2. Lil win

This guy has been in the business of making people laugh with his comical skits. He is getting many subscribers each and everyday and this can be attributed to how good he is.

3. Dr. Like

Rasta Nene has pulled up one of the most surprising acts in the Ghana Movie Industry. Kumawood had always limited him to playing the role of a robber or a wicked person. Never did we know he was versatile till he stepped out. Talk about being funny, this man over here can really overdo it. I am glad his YouTube channel is booming.

4. Nana Yeboah

Talk about men whose words can tear up your soul, you dare not mention names without adding his name. I wouldn't even like to be his enemy if I am to shoot a movie with him because his insults are top notch.

5. Kwaku Manu

As a wise man, he decided to grant interviews known as "Aggressive Interview" so as to get income. This is who we term as a man with vision.

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