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Is It A Routine For Veteran Actors And Actresses To Become Miserable - The Ghana Movie Industry.

When it comes to entertaining people on the screens with hilarious and educative acting skills the Ghana Movie Industry stands up tall with great actors and actresses.

Ever since The Ghana Movie Industry came to the limelight in a couple of years ago there have been great personalities - actors and actresses which of course become every household's topic.

Actors and actresses come and go so far as the Ghana Movie Industry is ever concerned.

However there have been a great routine in the Ghana Movie Industry about the veteran actors and actresses which perhaps have become the other of the day.

This is so because after these great personalities come of age is either they are being strike with great sickness or they are completely out of money to even feed with let alone to pay their house rent.

It is barely two weeks ago that Psalm Adjeteyfio who is popularly known as TT soliciting for funds to pay his house rent.

So the big question everyone is ever finding answers to is why do some renowned Ghanaian actors and actresses become so miserable at the end after becoming very popularly?

As we are even talking right now there are some famous actors who have put smiles on our faces with their great acting skills bedridden and pleading with the public for their survival.

This is actually very disheartening indeed and I think our actors and actresses save more for the future rather than just living flashy lifestyles to impress people when they are still young.

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