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Meet the talented drummer with no arms.

Most people are privileged to live on this planet because they have everything they need to achieve their dreams. Unfortunately, some people confront obstacles in their lives that prevent them from realizing their aspirations. Some people are born with physical deformities such as no arms or legs, blindness, or deafness, which make it difficult for them to live a regular life and achieve their goals. Some people grow depressed as a result of their physical limitations and eventually lose up on their aspirations; others decide to beg on the street or turn on their families.

With these physical limitations, some people pledge not to give up on their dreams and instead devise new ways to realize them. These various methods they employ to attain their objectives sometimes come as a surprise to us, and most of us are blown away. And people are blown away because nstead of giving up on their aspirations, they discover other ways to develop and perfect other bodily skills, which they then employ to their advantage, and even motivates others not to look down on themselves

Meet Daniel Potts the talented drummer with no arms

Daniel Potts is a drummer from Moreno Valley, California, who was born with no arms. Daniel claims that the movie "drumline" inspired him to start drumming, and he has been drumming for 15 years.

His initial ambition was to become an air force pilot, but he eventually discovered his passion for music. He had only one year formal training and the rest of his experiences were from youtube. He has played on various platforms and according to him, his favourite is playing at church.

This reminds us that life can be tough but Daniel Potts, despite his deformities, was able to achieve his goals and live his dream life regardless of his surroundings.

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