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I'm only 15years and I can't control my huge backside. What do you think I should do with it.

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Anele Madonsela is a 15years old teenager from Durban in Kwazulu Natal. She is popularly known on social media as Somga Samu. This child seem to carry a huge backside which she claims she can't control.

Anele explain that at the age of 10 her sister who has been in a prostitution for long period of time introduced her to the business. Her sister believed that though she is not old enough to be in the prostitution business but her body alone can attract more men. Her elder sister always took her to her house where she had affairs with multiple men in exchange for money. Anele said she didn’t like the idea of prostitution initially but she ended up enjoying it because of the money she makes while enjoying her body.

According to her, her backside keep increasing and is becoming too heavy for her to walk with. She asked her sister about what's happening to her body and her sister told her that is because of the multiple men she has been having affairs with.

She shared her experience on her social media page and see for help because she thinks that now she only just 15 years old but her body is 26 years.

What do you think she should do to manage her body since if getting out of hands.

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Anele Anele Madonsela Somga Samu


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