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6th March, 1957 was on Wednesday. But why is Ghana often called 'Ama Ghana'. Find out the reason

It is very surprising to see that, Ghana had independence on 6th of March, 1957. This occurred on Wednesday. In Ghana, we believe that, our local names are derived from the day we were born. However, Ghana is believed to be born on Wednesday which was the independence day. But this name was not given to Ghana as 'Akua'.

The name which is rather popular in the country is 'Ama' which means a female who was born on Saturday.

So the question is, why is Ghana not called 'Akua Ghana'?

Well below is brief details of how the name came by.

One famous musician in Ghana made a song and in the song named Ghana as Ama and Nigeria Akua. He made that statement in the song. Since then, people have jammed to this name especially Ghanaians as journalist, politicians and most people call Ghana 'Ama Ghana'.

The musician believe that, Ghana and Nigeria and sister countries band they share the same trait and faith.

The song title was Ama Ghana by Agyeman Opambour

This is a wonderful experience for this country and for Africa.

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