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Should I overlook and marry him? See what my soon to be husband wore to church

Now men of today are very disgraceful to the extent that they disgrace themselves and the people related to them. Is boxer shorts expensive to buy or is it scarce, let's get started with the main reason why we came here.

Am Patricia Mingle from Accra Ghana. I am 27 years of old, I always loved and wanted to stay with a particular charming and handsome guy but my parents and his parents aren't in terms with each other so we cannot live together unless we ran away together which I won't do.

My parents picked someone for me to marry by force. I don't like him because I don't know him and I don't feel anything like love between us. I never spoke to him and he also didn't, I guess he is a shy type.

We got engaged and the wedding date was to announced in church so all the families had to attend to the church. Everyone was present there but not in the building, some where making phone calls, others were having conversations and stuffs.

I saw my soon to be husband leaning on a car, the dress he wore wasn't bad. I was just watching him thinking whether we could live happily when my eyes caught something. He was wearing in his trouser a ladies pant.

I was more than shocked to the extent that I started taking pictures of it, I don't know what to do? Is he decent at all? Should I overlook that and marry him?

Please help me, what should I do?

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