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Jim Caviezel, Man Who Acted Like Jesus Was Struck By Lightening On Scene. See What Happened To Him.

Jim Caviezel embraced the position of Jesus Christ because he considered it an honor to play such a significant figure in history.

From the beatings to the floggings to the act of being hanged on a cross, actor Jim Caviezel, who played Christ in the film, may claim that he has suffered greatly for his career.

After giving us an epic performance in the Passion of the Christ, the actor who brought more life to the character, causing his performance to outperform all others who have played this part, went through a lot of pain, and his career is still being restored.

1 Hit By Lightning

The most painful and terrifying injury for the actor and the crew was watching Caviezel get hit twice by lightning. Once in the Sermon on the Mount scene and once more in the crucifixion scene

“We were filming the Sermon on the Mount,” Caviezel told Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal. “It was silent for only four seconds before it happened, and then it felt like someone slapped my ears. People began screaming after seven or eight seconds of, like, a pink, fuzzy color. They said I had light around my body and fire on the left side of my head. All I can say is that I appeared to have gone to Don King's hairstylist.”

As amusing as he might have seemed at the time, the actor's subsequent discovery that he needed open-heart surgery due to the lightning strikes was not so amusing.

2. Suffered extremely serious injuries

Caviezel suffered serious physical injuries. Despite the fact that the director and crew did all they could to keep the actor safe, he was injured.

During a scene in which Christ is whipped with a leather rope, the 51-year-old explained how most of the strikes missed him, as they were meant to.

But “one of them slipped and it smacked me in the back, flush,” he said. “It tore the skin off my back, but I couldn't scream because the pain had knocked me out. My voice got away from me faster than I could scream because it was so terrifying.”

3.Experienced Pneumonia

While being nailed to the cross as Jesus Christ, James Caviezel had to battle the virus winter winds. James Caviezel had to battle the virus winter winds while being held tight to the cross as Jesus Christ was. With his chest exposed and his head almost avoiding being nailed to the cross, James Caviezel had to battle the virus winter winds while being held tight to the cross as Jesus Christ was. Lung infection and pneumonia plagued the actor.

4. Shoulders Were Disjointed

This gave us a good understanding of how Christ felt when he carried his cross. It's no surprise that he was killed on his way to Calvary. James Caviezel suffered a similar fate while delivering his cross and ended up with a disjointed shoulder. A person's perspective on strolling is investigated.

5. Endurance

From 2 a.m. to 10 a.m., the star entertainer had to stay awake so that make-up artists could rejuvenate his appearance. Except for the stations of the cross, he had to serve with one eye closed to make it look swollen anywhere he wore the crown of thistles.

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