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Date Rush Diaries : I love his energy- Fans hail Theophilus as he grabbed Hollymond

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Theophilus ,also known as Kalypo, 'found himself' on Date Rush stage looking for love. He introduced himself as a 24years old ,a comedian and a business man.

When he mentioned that he is an Ewe, one of the ladies on the stage said that she does not want Ewe guys because they are stingy but host Giovanni frowned at that comment because prejudice is not allowed on the show. This edition of Date Rush has too many well dressed pretty ladies and social media user Maggie Osei could not keep that observation to herself.

In choosing a date, Theophilus said he would not choose Queenstar because she was not confident and she seemed to see comedy as not a lucrative business. Theophilus asked Queenstar to be optimistic at what ever she chooses to do.

Viewers were so excited that Theophilus chose a pretty and adorable lady known as Hollymond and the comments that trooped in were so numerous with some social media users showing some jealousy. One such funny comment came from Tuff Seed as he assured that Theophilus would later complain that Hollymond is not picking his calls due to the beautiful or extraordinary physical appearance of the lady .

Isaac Agyeman also mentioned that the guy is too low for the lady whilst one Efo Nipa Dua also said that Theophilus picked a wrong choice.

Kwami Rich also applauded Theophilus for his ambitions and energy .

The climax of the comments came from one Sewu Vincentia who made an interesting remark. Her post was to ask Theophilus if he can pay to fund the relationship or if he can maintain the looks of Hollymond and this caught my attention. What shows that Theophilus can not take good care of Hollymond?

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