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Enjoy These 35 Funny Pictures And Hilarious Jokes For Fun

I have always spent more time with a smile on my face. I always view funny pictures and read jokes because it make me happy. So I decided to share these funny pictures and jokes with you just to make you laugh and happy. 








#1. Daddy: Shame on you, Emeka. Why did you hit your little sister? Emeka: Well, Daddy, we were playing Adam and Eve with the apple and all. Well, instead of tempting me with that apple, she ate the thing herself.

#2. India has never been to the World Cup because FIFA won ’t allow them sing and dance for 20 minutes after every goal.

#3. A slay queen enter a public toilet's and be like see hw this toilet is sister wat do u want to perceive Sharwama or barbecue?

#4. When people go underwater in scary movies, i like to try that to see if i would survive such situation. I almost died last night.

#5. Mom was preparing the two children for bed and was telling bedtime stories. She remarked that God made eyes to see, ears to hear, noses to smell and feet to run. The little girl sat up and said, “But, Momma, I guess God got kinda mixed up with Tom, here, because Tom’s nose runs and his feet smell!”

#6. My best friend has been telling me lies for over 5 years. He told me his wife is good in bed so disappointed in him.

#7. I will marry you....I will marry you "After sXx u vanish" This is 1 of the reasons why some men are inside Fanta bottle in some village.

#8. It's very annoying when u sleep and u enter canada in your dream only to wake up and start hearing Ekaaro o.. Ologi de ooo.

#9 Beat a child Console him with biscuit or sweet Ask him who beat him and he'll point at another person. That's how corruption started in naija.

#10. My dear sister if i go down on my knees and propose to you and u say ''No'' upper cut follows immediately i hate nonsense.

#11. I'll never buy film from this street hawkers again. Today i bought IRON MAN from them. When i got home and played it, I saw a man ironing his clothes.

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