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I sent him abroad, he returned and offered me 50m as compensation in order not to marry me - Lady

A woman complains bitterly about a man, she financially supports a trip abroad, returns home and refuses to marry him.

According to the woman, who did not reveal her identity, she discovered that she personally sponsored a man to go overseas just to return home, offered him N50 million and told him to get another man looking for someone he could not marry. old to him.

Read the story below:

I've heard some men use and drop women after getting what they want from women, but it happened to me and I'm really speechless, really?

A man I sponsored overseas finally returned many years ago and this is truly a season to remember for me and my family.

Imagine, after spending over 7 years funding overseas trips with my savings, he suddenly came back and told me he was no longer interested in our relationship for one of the reasons he was most familiar with.

Obiora and I have been together for more than 10 years and even before he left Nigeria I took care of him because he works for a popular transportation company in Southeast and his salary is not enough, as the first son of his parents, many tasks make him tired. so I decided to help him as a friend.

Back then I was selling groceries, very wholesale, but out of love I decided to help Obiora, after all, everything she gets tomorrow is ours. That was my first thought.

I personally sponsored him to go overseas in the hope that we would get married together when he returned, which he promised me before he left.

After waiting 7 years, he finally came back and got a lot of wealth, but before returning. He has already bought two houses, one in Lagos and another in the east, which he bought for his brothers (the family home). He also built a house for his parents at home.

Since my return we have been going from hotel to hotel, to different parties and it's been two months now, he never mentioned marriage to me, he talks more about seeing my loved ones and I'm not getting any younger, next April next year he will 34 years old

After waiting for him for three months, I decided to ask him about our marriage, as we had discussed before he left. That morning I received the shock of my life and asked him the question.

Obiora took out her checkbook and offered me N50 million. When I asked him about the huge amount of money he said it was compensation for all the lost time which he regretted wasting 10 years on. Then he opened his mouth and told me that he could no longer marry me because I was old. He needed a young and fresh girl who would take good care of him.

I was speechless and could not speak to anyone for a week. So for years I waited in vain, all the suitors I rejected in the hope that Obiora would marry me. Where do I start, to whom I explained that I used my hard-earned money to sponsor a man overseas instead of my own brother, unfortunately he came back and knocked me out. This is so painful.

Honestly, I'm in so much pain right now and don't know what to do. I need your advice, please.

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