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New Movie: Afterlife of the Party

Netflix’s new movie, Afterlife of the Party, is a modern adaptation of "It’s a Wonderful Life" that’s very different from the original. It has some not-so-nice alterations, but we should be the ones to judge as we’ve never seen an afterlife.

This movie is about an energetic party-goer, Cassie. She thinks that there is nothing more to life than partying, and that’s what she does. She enjoys each moment as if it could be her last, and that’s precisely what happens. She dies accidentally but comes back as a spirit with unfinished business. She must complete this task to reach heaven at last.

The Afterlife of the Party ending: After Cassie talking Lisa into getting a job promotion, she nails the interview and gets the job. She and Cassie go to Emme's, where Cassie hoped they would meet her father and Emme. As Cassie had hoped, her father and Emme hit it off, with Lisa and Max also going official with their relationship.

The 2021 romantic comedy movie, Afterlife of the Party is directed by Stephen Herek. It is currently streaming on Netflix.

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